The C³ Atelier for Cement, Concrete and Competence is a grouping of knowledgeable planners and execution companies, experts and test laboratories who are active in the construction industry.

The aim of the platform is to carry out research, development and advisory activities in the field of construction with cement and concrete and to provide training and support through seminars, training courses and workshops. The results are to ensure that concrete becomes a firmly established material in the world of construction.

For all interested people, the C³ Atelier offers a number of possibilities to learn about the topics of cement, concrete and the resulting innovations.

The concept is supported by CRH Wien and the participating companies, which, in exchange for a contribution, can use the premises to hold special events and meetings and to present their products. They also have the advantage of addressing their target group in a very simple manner.

Because the platform is specifically targeted at people and companies interested in cement and concrete. These include, for example, architects, processing companies, providers of system solutions, experts and employees of test laboratories.

Of course, all those who are simply interested in the exhibits are also welcome - you can visit the C³Atelier by appointment at any time.


C³ Atelier Wien

Franzosengraben 7

1030 Wien

Tel.: +43 1 889 0303

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